• we love to live beautifully!

    Your support of GLDESIGN means the world and we love to share our love of living beautifully with each of you.  Our chic coastal aesthetic not only comes through each project we design but also in our client’s everyday lifestyles. Welcome to our mini e-commerce page which features Gaelle’s curated and branded pieces.  By popular demand, we’ve decided to start with hats and clothing but we will soon be adding to the collection with custom bags, jewelry and future goodies.  Thanks for helping our small business spread the love… and for coasting with us!

  • SOLEILcollectiongldesign x floraco

    Close your eyes and allow Soleil to transport you to a place where warm sand meets your toes and salty air surrounds you.

    Come coast with us and experience tranquility all year round.

    Thoughtfully curated by Fairfield-based interior design firm GLDESIGN and the botanical experts at FLORACO, we bring you an endless summer scent beautifully captured for your home.

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